Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to School

Where did spring break go?  We are so lucky to have two weeks off, but I'm always surprised when we find ourselves back at school.  The kids were all excited to tell me all of the exciting things they did over break.  My favorite stories:

-"I stayed at a vacation house and it had a piano but I found cigarettes outside.  Eeeeeeeew!"
-"I had a baseball game and my babysitter came!"
-"Hey, are we having a marble party today?"  No, sweetie, we had a marble party before break, we need to earn a lot more marbles before we come back.
-"I got a cold and I am still really sick!!!!  Look at my nose!!"

It's amazing what a little kid thinks is exciting news after 16 days not seeing their teacher.  They all seemed very happy to be back.

We've got some big exciting projects happening during the rest of the year that I cannot wait to tell you all about!  The Carnival (our big fundraiser) is this weekend and we're busy practicing our performance songs.  Next up: Annual Project and Portfolios!!

Happy Monday!


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