Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week and a Memorial Day Craft

I'm not sure why, but my school celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week at the end of May, but I'm still so excited for (and appreciative of) all of the amazing teachers out there who get to feel extra appreciated this week.  You all deserve it and a million times more!  I hope every teacher feels the love from students, families, colleagues, and the community. Entering this new bloggy world has connected me with even more teachers to appreciate.  So in honor of all teachers, I'm throwing a TpT sale!  (I know this is not an original idea, but this is one of those times that joining in the crowd is a GREAT idea!)

Starting tomorrow (Monday), everything in my store will be 15% off.  Enjoy stocking up on all of those products you have been eyeing.  You deserve it!

I also posted a new product for Memorial Day - a craft and writing assignment all in one bundle! Everything you need to make a wiggly star person waving an American flag is included in the first page. The next four pages are cute, Memorial Day themed writing pages (one is blank lines and the other three have different sentence starters.  Match this with a Brain Pop Jr video or a Memorial Day book, and you've got your Memorial Day lesson ready to go!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!!


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