Sunday, March 24, 2013

Entering the blogging world...

Hello blogging world!  I am so excited to enter into this fabulous community of educators sharing their ideas.  As the world of education moves toward students with all abilities working alongside each other in inclusive settings, I get very excited about sharing my ideas, tools, and suggestions for making classrooms warm, welcoming, challenging places for students with all abilities to grow and learn together.

How did I come to this?  I grew up with an amazing, creative, hardworking, inquisitive sister who happens to have a disability and spent her whole education learning alongside her typically developing peers. These relationships and peer models helped her become the woman she is today and it fuels my desire to create a similar experience for all of my students - those with and without disabilities.  I studied to become a general education teacher and then studied to become a special education teacher and I spend everyday trying to fuse the two into the best education possible for my diverse students.  I teach students with challenging behaviors, students who are gifted readers, students with limited verbal skills, and students learning English.

What will you see on my blog?  Why I believe this is such a valuable model of education. Tips and tools that make this kind of inclusion possible. Hilarious stories that only other teachers would ever believe. Answers to any questions that come up along the way.

Here's to a wonderful adventure together!


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