Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My love of Pinterest!

I joined Pinterest one year ago. I held off out of fear that I would be as addicted to it as I had become to Facebook.  I was so glad to find out that Pinterest was not just going to suck hours of my life away into a screen, but rather connect me to other teachers, at home cooks, and help me to spruce up my home. Like all pinners, it would be a full time job to make/do/create everything I've pinned, but I have made any home renovations, baked some delicious goodies, and brought some great ideas to my little ones.  I can't get enough of Pinterest, the more I search around, the more inspired I am by teachers I've never met before.  I loved that teachers from all over the country were helping me to improve my practice and give me ideas for my little ones that I never would have thought of before.

Well........joining Pinterest led me to join Teachers Pay Teachers which led me to join Twitter which led me to join the blogging world.  I am so excited to join a new league of teachers who blog their fabulous ideas. I hope very much to bring some new ideas blending special education and general education. What are you most looking to learn in this area?

Thank you, Pinterest for opening the door for me to start connecting with some pretty stellar teachers. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!


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  1. Pinterest rocks!!!! And so does the blogging community AND so does TpT!!! Welcome, welcome!!!
    Growing Firsties