Friday, March 29, 2013

The Conversation that Never Ends

Honestly, I think I could talk about teaching and my students all day, every day, to anyone who will listen.  I spent yesterday flying across the country to visit my best friend in Massachusetts and sat next to a very sweet family with a first grader, a pre-K-er, and a toddler.  Of course I chatted up the kids learning about their favorite apps on Daddy's iPhone and the cool movies they were watching.  You can take a teacher out of a classroom, but s/he will always be a teacher.  As thankful as I am to be on vacation to recharge, I just cant see a little one and NOT talk to them.

And of course my best friend, a fellow first grade teacher, and I always talk about school when we are together.  I find it really interesting to compare our schools and get some ideas from the other side of the country.  We stayed up until long past midnight talking about our favorite Pins, education videos, etc. We went to bed only because both of our phones died and we couldn't share any more ideas.  Her favorites: Bill Nye videos, Envisions math, and a few cute youtube videos.  My favorites: Harry Kindergarten, Edmoto, and my new blogging world. We swapped tales of hilarious comments, lessons gone really well, and this changing climate with Common Core.

I am fully capable of having other conversations with people, but I definitely light up when I get to talk about my kids or my ideas for the classroom.  I don't think I'll ever run out of things to say about teaching my little ones!

Still talking...


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